Mayim Arts

Ali Dachis of Mayim Arts needed a site to showcase her art and provide functional information for people interested in custom Ketubot and other commissions. She also needed a logo to use for marketing and wanted to integrate her work into her site and branding as much as possible. 

I worked with Ali to develop a logo and otherwise integrate her watercolor "splashes" into the design for the site. The most exciting element was her interest in integrating a time-lapse video of her creating custom art, which is featured predominantly on the homepage (when viewed on a desktop computer - mobile screens do not support homepage videos). This site features extensive custom coding to manage the relationships between the logo, the video/image banners, and other design features.

"I loved working with Bowen every step of the way. She built me a clear, beautiful website that I am proud of. She listened carefully to my concerns and requests and worked in great detail to give me exactly what I want. She is a pleasure to work with and is a great communicator. I can’t recommend her highly enough!"

Ali Dachis - Mayim Arts