Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms/hosting systems do you use for web design?
I have expertise in and do most web projects on Squarespace and Wordpress because I find them to be the easiest for clients to maintain and tweak, but I also have experience with SmugMug, Joomla, and others, and for straight-forward sites I'm very open to using new platforms. 

I'm a Squarespace Circle member, which means if you buy Squarespace hosting through a project with me, you get a 20% discount on your first year!

What's the difference between your Website Design and Website Lite packages?
Simply put, my full web design package gives you more of my time and expertise, including: 

  • More detailed discussion about the goals for your site and how the site layout/content meets those goals.
  • More direct engagement with written content (including writing and in-depth copyediting).
  • Creation of search engine optimization text and content (the Lite package includes SEO using client-provided material).
  • Creation of custom icons and graphics.
  • More substantive customizations of the web template, including special functions (e.g. calendar pages, appointment scheduling integration).

My Website Lite package is perfect for a business or organization that needs a moderately-sized, straight-forward site that doesn't have heavy design customization needs. Feel free to ask me which package would be right for you!

What's the turn around time on website designs?
Well, it kind of depends on you (sorry). Because my process is such a partnership, my timeline often depends on getting feedback and content from you. The more prepared you can be with text and images the more quickly it will go. I try to make things as easy for you as possible (you're busy!) by sending you questions and items for review in batches. I usually try to finish a first draft of a site within 10-15 business days after we have our first site meeting and I get all necessary information from you (e.g. logo, site logins, technical details).

I don't live in Seattle - can I still work with you?
Absolutely! I've worked with clients in Baltimore, New York City, Raleigh, etc. Thanks, internet! If you are in Seattle I prefer to have in-person meetings at the beginning and end of our project, but it's not necessary. Otherwise, all communication is done by email, phone, and/or video conference. 

Can I hire you for ongoing design/website/copyediting work?
Absolutely! I can offer bulk purchases of work hours and/or a flat-rate monthly retainer. Get in touch and we'll chat!

How does the process usually work? What am I getting myself into?
Most projects look like this:

  • We have an initial discussion where we talk about project goals and scope and any special needs/considerations.
  • I send you a project proposal outlining what work I'd do, what I'd need from you, and project cost.
  • We both sign a contract officially outlining the project, including scope of work, timeline for phase one, and cost.
  • Most projects I do are flat-rate payments (versus hourly) and for these I require a 50% deposit. 
  • You complete launch tasks (e.g. sending me relevant style guides, logins, directions), and between the contract, the deposit, and these tasks, our project is officially LAUNCHED!
  • I send you the first draft and we discuss next steps, including the next phase of our timeline.
  • We continue to collaborate and work together to finish your project.
  • I send a final invoice, then the final files and any relevant guides/trainings/details. 


Any other questions? Ready to get started?